10th December 2015

PROUD Results Key Messages and Q&A

PROUD Study Key Messages, Q&A and further HIV PrEP trial information

World AIDS Day announcement

1 December 2015 On this World AIDS Day of 2015 we can celebrate a year of major successes in HIV prevention. Last week the French Ministry of Health was the first in Europe to authorise access to PrEP for populations most at risk of HIV infection. This decision was largely based on the results of the IPERGAY study who released their results in the New England Journal of Medicine today.

IPERGAY was the first trial to show that using PrEP around the time of sex offers equivalent protection to the daily dosing regimen.

The IPERGAY dosing regimen involves taking 4 tablets (see diagram below):

  • Two tablets between 2 to 24 hours before condomless sex
  • One tablet 24 hours after the initial tablets
  • One tablet 48 hours after the initial tablets

PrEP is most effective when the right amount of drug is in the right place at the right time! It is critical to be able to offer people a range of dosing options so as they can choose the usage pattern that best fits their periods of sexual risk. Join us on World AIDS day to lobby for cheaper Truvada as PrEP by signing our petition at:


PROUD results published showing pre-exposure prophylaxis effectively prevents HIV

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